Easy Peasy Tofu Vietnamese Salad Rolls

This weekend I went out for dinner with one my wonderful roommates, Alex.  We were both in the mood for something crispy so we settled on Vietnamese food, one of our personal favourites.  We ended up ordering  crispy spring rolls and Bún, but in the process of surveying the menu I came across another personal favourite salad rolls!  While I was too stuffed to eat any at the restaurant, I pledged that I would make them for myself.

One of the best parts of the recipe is its versatility . You can pretty much fill these puppies up with any vegetables and proteins that are laying around.  I choose tofu because I was planning on using later this week for another recipe.(Stay tuned!)  Another great feature is the rice paper and vermicelli that these recipes require.   They stay good for pretty much ever and are gluten-free!  Because of its versatility this recipe is the ultimate starving student savior. Red peppers too expensive?  Then use something cheaper!!

For my batch I used red, yellow, and green peppers, green onions, lettuce, carrot, and fresh basil.  Which in my humble opinion made some pretty darn good salad rolls.

One final piece or two  of advice.  When you are rolling the rolls, try and fold in any excess rice paper and it will make a nice tight roll. Also only soak the paper for 5 seconds.  It will continue to soften while you start to wrap things up. If you soak them too long it can make it difficult to roll them.

Recipe Below

  • Firm Tofu, cut into thin strips
  • Assortment of Veggies, cut into thin strips ( nice colourful ones work best)
  • Vermicelli
  • Rice Paper
  1. Slice the tofu and veggies into thin strips
  2. Cook the vermicelli by covering the noodles in boiling water for five minutes
  3. One at a time, soak the rice paper in hot water for 5 seconds
  4. Fill the rice paper with noodles, veggies, and tofu
  5. Wrap the roll by folding in the top and bottom of the roll and then roll it like a burrito
  6. Continue until you have enough for everybody (2-3 per person)
  7. Serve with hoisin sauce or  fish sauce

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