Tofu Challenge

The other day when I was bringing some leftovers for lunch to work, my co-worker and fellow food blogger Hilary was surprised at my choice of ingredients.  When I offered her a bite of my delicious Vietnamese salad rolls, she balked at the chance to try tofu.  I was disappointed that my fellow food lover had never had tofu before AND wasn’t willing to try it.

So, in the spirit of friendly food competition, I Gord Lamb, challenge one miss Hilary Duff (not the teen sensation) to a tofu off.  The rules of this challenge are simple.  I challenge Hilary to try and make at least one recipe that requires tofu in some form this week.  Whether the tofu is used for a desert or entree or is for breakfast lunch or dinner is up Hilary. All that matters is she gives this staple of vegetarians worldwide a chance.

For completing this competition, Hilary will win my respect and pride as a fellow food lover as well as a chance to challenge me in the coming days.

To see if Hilary accepts this challenge jump over to her blog, Hilary Makes in the coming days.  I’ll make sure I re-post her results to let you guys know what recipe she chose and my thoughts on her decision.

Later Days


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