Mac the Cheese 2 – Sour Kraft Dinner

**Note** My apologies for the late post. I was away from the student abode this weekend so I couldn’t enjoy my weekly ritual until today. Sigh better late than never **

So its time for another edition of the Starving Savoury Student’s weekly feature Mac the Cheese! For those of you unfamiliar with these tasty posts check out last week’s edition for details.

Despite its gross sounding name, this version of Mac and Cheese is fantastic!

While I’m probably not the first person to come up with this idea, I was pretty proud of myself for Krafting (pun intended) this recipe.  I got the idea for this version while digging around in my fridge.  I found some leftover sour cream from a recipe earlier in the week and decided to do a little experimenting to see if it could be used when making KD.  I have to admit that this starving student LOVES sour cream. I can put it on pretty much anything so it wasn’t that much of an adventure for me to throw some in my KD.

Now, from the last post I hope you know that I love my Mac and Cheese buttery. I tend to always use lots of butter regardless of what other modifications I make.  The combination of my two favourite dairy products (butter and sour cream) worked beautifully.  From now on, if I have sour cream lying around in the fridge I will be adding it to my Kraft dinner.

The sour cream adds a great creamy texture with a thick sauce.  It works great if you substitute sour cream for the milk that the recipe calls for.  Start with a couple table spoons, give the noodles a good stir and if it tastes good to you, you are good to go. If you want a bit more sauce, just throw in a few more tablespoons of sour cream.

Once again, I am still looking for other suggestions for Mac and Cheese modifications, so let me know either by commenting or sending me an email if you have a not so secret recipe you want to share.

Recipe Below

Follow the normal cooking instructions for the KD.  When making the sauce add 5 tablespoons of butter and let it melt in the pot with the pasta, add the powdered cheese and finally add 2 tablespoon sour cream.  Stir and enjoy.


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