Mac the Cheese 3 – Schmeared Cheese

This week’s version of Mac the Cheese was inspired by my dear roommate Alex.  She mentioned that she loves to put Cream Cheese in her KD and I decided that I HAD to try it out.

In short, it was FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS! I’ve never enjoyed Mac and Cheese so much. By using cream cheese, you make a nice thick sauce that is utterly irresistible. I thought last weeks tweak (sour cream) was phenom, but after eating this work of art, I have to say cream cheese takes the cake. (Cheese cake that is)

This option is obviously a little more expensive than the traditional method of making Boxed Mac and Cheese but if you are a bagel and schmear lover like me, you’ll have some cream cheese lying around.   My idea for next time might be to used flavoured cream cheese!  Stay Tuned for updates.

Recipe Below

Follow the normal cooking instructions for the KD.  When making the sauce add 5 tablespoons of butter and let it melt in the pot with the pasta, add the powdered cheese and finally add 2 tablespoon cream cheese.  Stir and enjoy.


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