Mac the Cheese 4 – Macaroni a la Cabonara di Brouwer

This week’s edition of Mac the Cheese comes courtesy of my fellow foodie and cousin Ron Brouwer.  Surprisingly enough, the day that Ron suggested that I try this gourmet version of KD, I was looking up recipes for Carbonara sauces to make for this very blog.

The thing that intrigued me most about Ron suggestions is the amount to modifications that occur to the original KD recipe.  I have to admit, I’ve been playing it fairly safe so far and have only adjusted one variable at a time. Whether I’ve added more butter or substituted milk for some other dairy product, I’ve essentially played it safe.  Ron’s suggestions have inspired me to think outside the (blue) box.

One suggestion for this recipe is to turn the heat back on once you start to make the sauce.  I found that the sauce didn’t really thicken until I applied a little heat to it.  My other piece of advice is more cook bacon than you might think you need.  While I cooked the proscribed 4 slices, I greedily ate an entire slice before I could add it to the pot.  If you are like me and have absolutely no will power, you might consider cooking a bit extra to ensure your sauce has its proper allotment of protein.

In the end, this recipe really surprised me.   While it tastes nothing like the original recipe, it produced a tasty and simple meal without too much effort.  As Ron put it, this recipe is for, “those of us who love to cook don’t always WANT to cook, but we still want to eat something good and filling”. Ron couldn’t have put it any better and I thank him for his creative suggestions.

Just a friendly reminder to all you readers out there: If you have any suggestions for Mac the Cheese, please don’t hesitate to comment below, or whip me off an email at glamb36 at gmail dot com.

Recipe below

**Note I’ve just copied Ron’s orginal recipe here. All credit goes to him and his wonderful suggestion**

1 Box KD
1 cup cream
2 eggs
4 strips smokey bacon, chopped
3 tbsp grated parmesan
black pepper

Cook bacon and reserve. Beat eggs and combine with cream, parmesan, cheese packet and pepper to taste. Prepare macaroni. Drain when ready and add eggs/cream while macaroni is still hot. Stir until eggs begin to thicken(you may need to heat on low). Stir in bacon and consume.


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