Sushi Sushi! – Easy Peasy Sushi Recipe

This recipe is something I’ve wanted to try for a while. I like to think of myself as an adventurous eater and am fairly comfortable with trying something at least once. This attitude holds true for all forms of sushi. Personally, my favourite has to be unagi otherwise known as eel but I am always satisfied with eating anything from California rolls to spicy salmon rolls.

The whole idea of trying to make sushi started after my co-worker Laura-Jane asked me if I knew how to make the tasty treat. At the time I didn’t, but after some quick research on the internet, I felt comfortable that I at least knew the basics. After feeling more comfortable with the whole idea of making sushi, I invited Laura-Jane to a night of sushi making.

The first step in the sushi making process was to visit T&T, the massive Asian supermarket here in Ottawa. After finding nearly all our ingredients that we needed we headed home to Laura-Jane’s to start out night of sushi making. Step two involved preparing the rice. This meant cooking the rice, preparing the vinegar and pulling the hairdryer out to fan the rice. After that it was just prepping the other ingredients and then rolling the rolls.

In the end this turned out to be lots of fun and delicious! While it wasn’t gourmet sushi that you might find in a high-end restaurant it was definitely on par with sushi you might buy at the mall or at the supermarket. We ended up making California rolls (avocado, imitation crab meat and cucumber) and Banana and Avocado rolls. The banana and avocado rolls were surprisingly delicious and I would definitely make this again. They tasted like any other sushi roll but then had a delicious and sweet banana after taste.

Tips for this recipe include: don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Its going to get a bit messy when you are patting down the rice but don’t be afraid to really get in their with your hands. ALSO Go big or Go home. Experiment with sushi flavours. Don’t be afraid to mix things you think might not go together. Banana and Avocado being a great example.

Recipe Below

*Nori (seaweed paper)
*1 cup Sushi Rice, uncooked
*3 T Rice Vinegar
* 2 T Sugar
* 1 t salt
* Sushi fillings

1) Cook one cup of sushi as to the package’s directions
2) While the rice is cooking, heat the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a pot until the sugar and salt have been dissolved.
3) Remove the vinegar from heat and cool to room temperature
4) Once the rice is cooked let it stand for 10 minutes and rest.
5) Slowly add the vinegar mixture to the rice while fanning and stirring the rice. (We used a hair dryer on the cold setting. )
6) To make a roll, pat rice over the entire sheet of seaweed until its 1 cm thick.
7) Add fillings at one end of the sheet
8) With wet hands roll the sheet to form a nice log
9) Cut the log with a wet knife and serve


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