Straight from Scratch 2.0 – Yogurt

This officially marks the second part of my “Straight from Scratch Series”. The idea for making yogurt from scratch has been rolling around my head for the better part of a month.  I first came across the concept of home-made yogurt while surfing one of the many food blogs that I frequent read.

For a while, the idea “fermented” in my brain, but finally I decided that this was something that I wanted to try. One of the key selling points of this recipe was I could make it lactose-free.  Since becoming lactose intolerant in the past year, I have missed out on a few key dairy products including yogurt.  This recipe gave me the opportunity to revisit an old friend without causing my intestines any major pain.

For directions, I ended up following the advice of Frugal Girl. Since her instructions are so clear and easy to follow I won’t adapt them for my blog.  Just follow the link and you will soon be in the yogurt making business yourself.

Unfortunately this recipe did call for some equipment upgrades.  I ended up having to buy a thermometer ($8.00) and a set of mason jars ($12.00), thankfully both of which can be used for other recipes in the kitchen. Note to self: I will definitely have to investigate other recipes that use these items.

The one downside to using lactose-free milk is its milk fat content.  Frugal Girl does suggest using at least homogenized milk (3% MF) to ensure the yogurt is solid in texture. Lactose-free milk typically comes as 1% MF so I was left with runnier yogurt, similar to fat-free yogurt you buy at the grocery store. Next time, I want to experiment with upping the fat content by using cream but cutting it with lactose-free milk in order to minimize the pain.

I enjoyed using this yogurt for breakfast.  Mixed with fresh berries and peaches from the farmer’s market, it made for a great way to start the day.

While the instructions for this yogurt might seem a little daunting, they are pretty easy to follow and there isn’t a lot of “hands-on” time required.  While I won’t make yogurt on a weekly basis I will try the recipe again.  I definitely recommend trying this recipe at least once, if only to have the ability to say I’ve made yogurt from scratch.


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