Exploring a New Vegetable: Eggplant Curry

During my travels throughout Turkey and Greece, I discovered the joy that is eggplant.  While I had eaten eggplant a few times back in Canada, I hadn’t really appreciated how useful and delicious this nightshade is.  After coming back to Ottawa, I made it my goal to try and incorporate more eggplant into my diet. Not only is it tasty in of itself, it is also inexpensive and a good substitute for meat.

I now have a growing list of eggplant recipes that I am very excited to try out! One of these recipes that I discovered during my hunt was an eggplant curry dish called Baingan Bgharta.  Apparently this recipe originates from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan and attempts to pair the smokey flavour of eggplant with the spiciness of curry.

Unfortunately, I think something got lost a long the way when the recipe was adapted for the North American kitchen. I can’t say that I was all that enthused by this dish.  I found that the finished product was not worth the hassle of making this dish.  As a busy student I didn’t think the effort put into this recipe was worth the result.  If you are interested in checking out the recipe I used, it can be found at the following link. I haven’t posted my own notes about the recipe because I can’t say I really recommend it. 

On a more positive note, this little hiccup hasn’t deterred me from my hope of incorporating more eggplant into my meal rotation. In fact, I think it has inspired to find the perfect eggplant dish for my repertoire.  Stay tuned for some upcoming posts about my adventures with eggplant!



2 responses to “Exploring a New Vegetable: Eggplant Curry

  1. I enjoy eggplant too – though I have come to find that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The best way to learn an authentic eggplant curry would be to learn from the experts: the women who cook it in their kitchens. Good luck looking for the perfect recipe!

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